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Ici vous pouvez avoir une vue d'ensemble au sujet des changements récents qui ont été appliqués à Neocron 2 via votre service de "Mise à Jour" du logiciel client.

Nous vous recommandons de télécharger les dossiers de correction (patchs) directement via le système de mise à jour du client où via le serveur ftp de neocron (

Pour appliquer une correction, téléchargez simplement le dossier de correction dans "/neocron2/patches" et lancez le client de Neocron 2. Le client se mettra à jour alors automatiquement.

Neocron Patch #157


  • fixed broken item drop of Wisdom of Ceres Discs. The Wisdom of Ceres Mechanic labs will therefor being re-opened

  • fixed problem where NPCs despawned when being hit by single PSI-spells

  • fixed undamagable turrets. Turrets may be used again in Outpost fights

  • lowered skillevel of Anarchy Breed Harasser and Agressor from 85 to 60

  • fixed problems with german version of "Hunt for Crossbow" Quest

  • fixed wrong location description in Black Dragon Epic

  • fixed problems with "Call of the Hurlerking" Quest

  • fixed problems with Next Epic Mission #4

  • fixed problem with faction medals that turned into City Admin faction medals after being removed from the apartment wall

  • fixed problems with TL-10 heal modules

  • modified faction relations for the City Merc faction. CM is now friendly to Tangent Technologies and Tsunami Syndicate. Enemy to Diamond Real Estate and Black Dragon. More information about the story background can be obtained from our webzines Neocronicle News and Voice of the Resistance.

  • added 3 hacknet weapon mods sold by vendors, less powerful than Phoenix mods

  • added quest for obtaining the new Wisdom of Ceres Power Armors. Visit the Wisdom of Ceres Temple for more information

  • added two new versions of the DoY Hover Carrier with new textures. These vehicle are being used for in-game events.

  • added new type of Twilight Guardian guards. These Special Forces guards are being used for in-game events

  • added filter in the CityCom clan search (name and faction)

  • the world cup fever has reached Neocron. Look around the gameworld over the coming days 


Download Neocron 2 Patch #157


Neocron Patch #156


This patch only contains preparing game content. Therefore no patch notes are available.

Download Neocron 2 Patch #156



Neocron Patch #155


  • Fixed long sync times.

  • Fixed loot drop algorithm.

  • Fixed stealth.

  • Fixed reload problems.

  • Removed snow from possible weather effects.

  • Reverted the NPC damage changes.

  • Further adjusted heal spells.

  • Fixed the high sympathy rewards from missions.

  • Removed Phoenix weapon mods from traders, they are now only available from the Phoenix database.

  • Replaced hacking requirements on ION guns with the appropriate weapon skills.

  • Removed Devourer parts from the Tiki club reward.

  • Fixed Ion drones.

Download Neocron 2 Patch #155


Neocron Patch #154

  • Terminal search function for runners and clans updated

  • added online/offline filter for runner search.

  • Added a Runner killed by "Runnername" message.

  • Empty holomatch games are now closed after a short time and can be recreated with a different number of players.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the holomatch games to fill the last player slot.

  • Fixed a bug with the emote display.

  • Fixed an overflow error with very high XP values.

  • Fixed calculation errors for Soullight/sympathy gain on mission success.

  • Tech Haven sympathy missions now always award +5 sympathy, regardless of the sympathy level for the target faction. The sympathy bonus for other missions was slightly increased.

  • High level NPC's are now making more damage.

  • Added area damage for Genotoxic Sluggers.

  • Adjusted strength of all heal spells (Nerfed by 25%). Edit: The current issue is a result of the Heal/Hitbox issue being resolved. Which boosted the overall effect by stopping any unused heal effects caused by a full hitbox to be thrown away, it is now applied to any remaining damaged hitbox. It will be further decreased to 50% of prepatch strength.

  • Fixed many small mistakes in mission texts.

  • TL 100 Datacubes are now available.

  • Mr. Ferguson run is now available.

  • The Phoenix database is now accesible.

  • Ion shotgun weapons are now available.

  • Fixed the loot drops from Grim Chasers and Scary Terrormaulers.

  • Fixed several terminal and StockX exploits.

  • Added checks against the outpost blocking exploit.

  • Added checks against the "silentres" exploit.

  • Added further checks when zoning and logging in.

Download Neocron 2 Patch #154


Neocron Patch #153


  • fixed Genotoxic ammo

  • fixed weapon reloading twice when holding fire button during auto reload

Download Neocron 2 Patch #153


Neocron Patch #152


  • Military Base Sec-1, Sec-3 and Military Entrance changed to "City Sector".

  • Fixed problems with Tacholytium Warbot spawn.

  • Reduced Amok Copbot spawn in the Gaia Mines.

  • Added Special Operation missions that allow you to raise your sympathy with a specific faction. The NPCs for these missions can be found in Tech Haven.

  • Modified the Soullight penalty system. Players who have a Soullight value of -63 or worse can now be eliminated without recieving the regular zone specific penalites. Furthermore players with a soullight below -63 now appear red, below 0 yellow.

  • Mr. Jones now appears again for new NEXT runners.

  • Fixed NEXT alliance chat.

  • Adjusted intelligence requirements for the Terminator Assault Quad.

  • Special Purpose Ammo Parts are now available at local weapon equipment vendors.

  • Adjusted weapon reload. The reload time is set to 2.5 seconds for every weapon. When the reload is technically accomplished, it is possible to fire the weapon again and the reload animation is cancelled. If no action is taken, the reload animation will finish normally. Further adjustements to this are being worked on.

  • Added new weather effect.

  • Updated models and effects of the Freezer weapons.


Download Neocron 2 Patch #152


Neocron Patch #151


  • medikits & drugs in quickslots are now usable again during weapon reload

  • added some missing soundfiles

  • fixed some missing/wrong decals

  • fixed RPOS safeslot graphics to reflect the SL system changes (safeslot disabled below SL=-32 now)

  • CityCom/Neocronicle will work correctly again

  • decreased maximum range of various Hacknetsoftware

  • fixed "Scary Terrormauler" respawn problem

Download Neocron 2 Patch #151


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