Patch 188

Aujourd'hui GROS patch !
188 => beaucoup de bonnes choses :
- les Power Armors pour Spy et PE
- réajustement des équipements
- nouveau matériel
- ....
Patch note 188 en anglais :

Main menu/Launcher/Options
- Password encryption changed. You'll need to re-enter the password once after this patch.
The encryption for the password stored in your computers registry is now dependent on your hardware configuration. This should keep your password safe even if a malicious program or script tries tp steal the password from the registry. You *may* need to re-enter the password once after changing your hardware configuration.
- The client.exe file check now prevents the start of Neocron if modified files are detected. A few files are excluded from this check to further allow some client modifications like the NeocronNetwork launcher. The check does not include model, texture and sound files, nor the ini files in the \ini folder.
- New function "Resume" in the main menu. You can now make a quick login with the last used character/server.
- New option in neocron.ini: 'LIMITMODES = "FALSE"' removes the limitation of the fullscreen modes. No liability for display errors in the main menu and R.P.O.S. (In other words, you can use uncommon resolutions like widescreen)

- Fixed Raygunpistol reload sound.
- Adjusted Anti Vehicle/Aircraft weapons TLs.
- Added descriptions for rare weapons and fixed others (english version only).
- "DOY Raygun Cannon" no longer researchable.
- Fixed ammo consumption on lasercannon, pulse pistols and STORM laser.
- Added rare Kamikaze drone "Revenge".
- Added rare Shotgun "Terminator", will be available through a run instead of the usual rareparts.
- Increased drop quality of "Special Dungeon Items" (STORM Laser, Flameavalanche etc).

- Added a new type of use restriction: Character class. Used on all Powerarmors.
- Adjusted stats and requirements on all Powerarmors.
- Added Powerarmors for Spies and Private Eyes, will be made available through runs.

- Adjusted construction brain imps (+3/5/8 CST -> +5/10/15 CST).
- Fixed lvl 1 implant drops.
- Added rare "Machina Gloves" (+5 DEX or INT, +15 CST or RES or IMP or REP or REC, +10 TRA, -100 PC/RC/RCL/MC/HC)
- Smart targeting eyes all give T-C now.
- Increased PPW bonus on Psi Core and Dimension Splitter from 10 to 14 to balance out the APU/PPU hit on damage %.
- Increased research bonus on advanced nerves from 3/5/8 to 5/10/15.
- Fixed "Special Rigger Interface" drop, drops like the other rare imps now.
- Added Kamikaze chips (+ Combat Skills, - Resists).
- Added antigamma bones.
- "Biotech Advanced/Experimental Headbone" no longer researchable.
- "Biotech Chest" and "BioTech Vehicleinterface 2" researchable again.
- Filter Heart 1's -5 CON hit was reduced to the correct -3 intended.
- Crahn Defensiv-PSI-Processor 3's Use restriction corrected to the proper PSI 67.
- Defensive-PSI-Processor's & PSI Attack Chips now give bonuses to the PSI Skill, lvl 1 = +1, lvl 2 = +2, lvl 3 = +3.

- Doubled vehicle weapon damage.
- Increased vehicle resists:
Force: -20% -> 0%
Pierce: 40% -> 60%
Fire: 40% -> 60%
Energy: 50% -> 70%

Other items
- Increased Viarosso Lvl3 app price.
- Fixed/changed some item names and descriptions.
- Books and Datadiscs are no longer sold.
- Added various items for new mobs and events.
- Cavebossmobs rarely drop "Strange Books". These are needed to do the Terminator run.

Misc changes
- Moderately increased INT XP growth for Monks.
- Characters with a SL of -32 or less now gain a bit more SL while completing missions (at least 1 SL per mission).
- Construction and Research missions now have more appropriate tasks and rewards.

Misc Fixes
- Terminal\Forum: Fixed thread sorting.
- Some small terminal fixes, affecting email and faction systems.
- R.P.O.S. quicktips scrollbar fixed, display error (assigned key names) fixed.
- GMs with Faction Counsellor status are now correctly handled as members of their respective faction. All other GMs remain members of CityAdmin. Note: you may have to recreate the Counsellor character to make the change to take effect.
- Faction Channel can be muted now.
- Deactivated "Jump" in the QuickChat mode.
- Fixed animation timimg bug for the doors of subway cabs.

World changes
- Fixed maps (object placement etc):
* Chairs in the Outzone (Crahn) clan apartment
* Underground entrance in F_11 Devereaux Fortress
* Bench in the VentureWarp Store Pepper Sector 3
* Faulty objects in sector J 10
* Faulty objects in sector H 08
* Faulty objects in sector F 02
- Added dynamic signs to all outposts: Name of the OP, name of the occupying clan, name of the occupying faction.
- Added Citycom stations in Area MC5 main building, added a few things to make it easier to get around.


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